"Are you what you eat…?"

How many times have you seen that phrase in front of you? How many times have you heard it from either an expert or an acquaintance or friend? What's your translation for that? Whatever you think is right and true, but it certainly has other interpretations and they are just as important. Let's go look at some of them and supplement and further strengthen the positive effect on you.


1. Body Frame

  • Food quality

What passes through the mouth, is at the disposal of the body to use it, if it is useful, in order to supply the cells with the necessary nutrients. The journey of food if we analyze it (perhaps in another article), is quite long and has many stages until it reaches the cell in a form that can be used. However, the quality of food is one of the main parts of this journey and will help to ensure that there are similar results in the body. So if you eat quality you will have better quality cells, therefore better health, therefore quality of life (in terms of physical condition)… "so you're what you eat…"

  • Organ/cell quality

Then and in combination with the previous ones, the more qualitative the process of digestion and assimilation from the good cooperation of the digestive system (mouth, esophagus, intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancreas), then the "quality" food can reach the cells in order to use the ingredients needed on a case-by-case basis. The quality of the digestive system is affected by the quality of the food, by the way (process) we feed (chewing, etc.), as well as by physical and mental stress (e.g. physical exercise, not good psychological condition, etc.). "so you're what you eat…"



2. Mental Framework / Communication

  • Signs

Vegetarian, Vegan, Creophagos, Omnivorous, Fat, Obese, Skinny, Slim, Bulimic and the list is not finished. The need for the brain to label to recognize a set of information leads us to them, and it's not necessarily good or bad, but it's good to know. Here we see that food and by extension what we eat, How we eat it, Why we eat etc affects labels and characterizations as to our individual… "so you're what you eat…"

  • Prestige

When something is hard to find, it costs more. From ancient times on, since food existed, exists and will exist in order to be able to live, it affected any society, from survival to social order. The ancient Chinese king and their courtyards were the only ones who ate white rice, while the poor did not, and so it was maintained in later years that white rice was better, while nutritionally it has been proven wrong. In ancient Greece lentils were eaten by the poor and meat had to be rich in order to be able to eat often, hence in most holidays we eat meat as it used to be for some and the only times a year they ate meat. And the examples endless with each era and society respectively having its own… "so you're what you eat…"

  • Psychological Status

All organs of the body are inextricably linked and affect each other in a continuous sequence of actions and reactions. The thought that seems to us something "theoretical", is nothing but chemical, hormonal and nervous processes, so something ultimately tangible. Why am I bringing this up? Because our gut, which has been recognized as a primary brain (created first), can affect these processes, thus our psychological state, as well as the opposite. We said it's an ongoing unstoppable process. Therefore what you eat and how it will affect the condition of the intestine, as well as what ingredients (harmful or not), will pass into the blood and then into the cells, will indirectly and directly affect your psychological condition, as well as the ability to choose action. So he understands that even in the now "you're what you eat…".

  • Values & Beliefs

In the context of communication, with ourselves first and then with others, carrying cellularly, but also from the first moment we are born, we begin to put signs because of our need to better understand the world. So what you believe, no matter how small you were when you first believed him, defines in itself, as in combination with other beliefs, who you may be, and thus how to choose to act. It defines who may be the other person you have next to you or opposite you, so you build your Reality. What applies to you or to the second level, What must apply for your world to apply (blinders). What you believe depends on filtering information that comes through the five senses, from the outside environment. So according to your filters, which may be other beliefs or values, religion, national identity, experiences, beliefs of others around you or society in general, etc. After this processing, the information entered was formed and stored somewhere deeper in the brain. And not to go any further, yes, "you're what you eat…" And on a theoretical level, so be careful what comes into you.

3. Spiritual Framework

The Spiritual Framework is about a higher level, and it is clearly about how you see/feel/experience yourself and the world. It's about your beliefs about You and then/consistency with the rest of the beings. We're talking about the higher self, the Absolute Identity that we all have, and somehow we define it. Evil could be said to be unconscious most of the time, until it is done of course. The Spirit is influenced by all the precedents we have said in combination. Both physical and mental/spiritual food. To keep your spirit in good shape, choose wisely what you put in you. Choose wisely both natural food and what you choose to listen to, with whom to socialize, what to read, what Images you will have, How you choose to feel about something you saw, heard, caught, tasted, olfactory. Choose Wisely what you choose to do. The principle is observation, as we are already in a situation all of us and already have defined Beliefs and Values for us, others and the world in general. Start observing You… to improve your higher self, start from now on to observe how you choose to think and act at every moment. Spend time with yourself. Don't judge. Just observe. Spend a lot of time, don't discount. The more discounts you give yourself, don't expect others to devote more than you do to you. And

yes, "you're what you eat…"

For all the words you can think of there are different interpretations according to the perspective and filters that each of us has. For all situations you're right and wrong, you're right and wrong. Remember, life is not Black and White. Each case is different… The more information you can have from different perspectives, the more "right" you'll have and at the same time you'll be much less Absolute than you might have been before.

In closing, I would like to point out that you're so much more than what you eat… I mean, yes, "you're what you eat…" and much more. I know you know it's up to you to manage you and act your way…

Flexibility & Harmony

Remember those words, no matter what interpretation you give 😉


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