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How safe are we at home? They're urging us, forcing us to stay at home for quite some time. But no one instructed us what to do at home for our health, other than to wash our hands all the time. As well, what can cause our body and health all this, in the name of "prevention" (avoiding the virus for a while). If we want to talk about total-holistic prevention we should mention, in addition to antiseptics, masks etc…

How to shield our bodies as much as we can.

How to strengthen the complex mechanism, what we call the immune system, where it is affected by many factors and parameters.

How to maintain our musculoskeletal system.

How to maintain good levels of total health.

How to have a mental and spiritual state suitable to cope all this time and not just make the ostrich that shoves its head into the earth and all the rest remains exposed, thinking that because she may not see or hear herself, the danger does not exist.

If you don't do so

mething complete, it's doomed to fail, we just play with time.

The following are in order to simultaneously affect the whole body-mind-spirit field, as only when there is harmony in these 3 levels can we have substantial levels of health and an organism ready to face an impending "enemy". Also to mention that in order to make the following ritual, the circadian rhythm, light (sun & artificial), temperature and other important factors that are primarily responsible for the functions of our body's organs have been taken into account.

"Everyday habits" are just that… Habits, it's not the magic pill that will solve everything once. If you follow the plan you will have well-being and energy in your day, but for really deep results it is good to follow daily and have the Fortitude to stick to the program and become a habit, otherwise you may end up "A-patient".

Good Morning's Day seems to take the opportunity, as do all successful entrepreneurs, athletes, etc. They take life into their own hands. Do the same, change the patterns of your everyday life and see something magical unfold!

Morning Routine – Morning Ritual

SOS – After waking up and until the routine is over, avoid contact with electronic devices, monitors and artificial light (lamps), as well as not consuming beverages, (e.g. coffee) or food. Follow the steps below faithfully for at least 7 days and see for yourself the results.

1 . Stretching the cat (huzurema) (5')

When you wake up, stay in bed for two or five minutes and move, stretch just the way you feel you need. It will help your body to activate after many hours of immobility, important especially for those who have pains and a diagnosed musculoskeletal condition

.2. Oral hygiene (3')

This is followed by a visit to the sink and careful cleaning of the teeth/gums (with good natural toothpaste, e.g. with silver) and the tongue (with special accessory). All night our body was detoxifying, so there's a lot of waste in the oral cavity. You also shield the oral cavity to a certain extent for the rest of the day.

3. WimHof breaths with simultaneous sun exposure (or on a RedLight device). (5')

It's time to hack into our system and within 20 minutes give enough oxygen to our bodies and cells, properly stress our system, meditate to some extent and fill the "batteries" of our mitochondria (the powerhouse of our cells).

  • I'm squadding or lying on my back. I follow Wim's instructions while I expose as much of my body directly to the sun as possible. If it's cold and you think you might get cold, you can use a redlight device like the one I have in the original photo. (If you are interested I have obtained a 10% discount code from mychondria).

Also for breaths there is the relevant application for mobile with guidance. Try it, the results have left me speechless.

4. Mild form of exercise + Foam Roller or active stretching/mobility (15'-20')

After you have already activated with the previous step, breathing, comes the phase of activation of the whole body Ismetric exercises and movement of the joints, as well as the peritoneal. A simple program that everyone can change their fitness levels accordingly is this.

I run in 3 rounds :

Ismetric exercises

  • Plank 20 °-60 »
  • Side support right 20°-60°
  • Side support left 20°-60°
  • Dorsal Isosmetrics 20 °

(for further exercises follow me on instagram "mamasoulas_coach" where you will upload videos and exercises.)

If I want to sweat and it becomes a little more intense I add bounces with rope in between for 20 ° or on a trampoline (both are the best for your peritoneal and lymphatic system)

  • Then with the foam roller we pass 5-10 times the large muscle groups with slow movements.
  • If there is no foam roller, then you can switch to the third part directly of the active extensions. We prefer small movements rather than static stretching. The goal is to feel that, repetition with repetition the area "opens" and we feel pleasantly painful and not pain that is not bearable. 5-10 ep. every time.

Attention is aimed at activating our body and not replacing a targeted exercise program that you can do in your day. Also day by day this will be an easy program that you will activate every morning.

5. Water with lemon and salt (2'-5')

The first thing that needs to get into our system is water. After evening detox, our bodies are on the verge of dehydration, while many are already dehydrated. So we don't need anything but water (no coffee, tea, etc.). We strengthen the water with lemon and salt to give our body directly the micronutrients to function, mainly helping the digestive tract, kidneys and liver. I am talking about filtered water (ideally charged or fortified e.g. with coral) or spring water, half organic lemon and unedeed sea salt or mineral salt (e.g. Himalayan).

  • In half a glass of water I squeeze half a lemon and pour 1/4 tablespoon salt, dissolve and drink. Then I hydrate enough with another glass of water which day by day gradually increase up to 3 glasses.

6. Dry Friction + Cold Bath (5'-8')

Continue in the bathroom where it is followed by dry rubbing with a natural lufa sponge, on a dry body. It will help the lymphatic system in its circulation, resemble mild muscle massage, at the same time it expels dead skin cells and activates collagen.

  • Avoiding the genitals, nipples and face, make circular movements from the bottom up and from the limbs to the heart. You'll feel like he's skinning you, but it doesn't hurt you.

A cold shower follows soon after. If you've never done this before and you're scared, if you don't have a cardiovascular diagnosed health issue of course, there's nothing to be afraid of. One of the goals is mental, to self-discipline and to endure. "Be comfort to Discomfort. Something you'll accomplish when you do that is build self-discipline and control situations, not your mind.Thermogenesis from this process is one of the strongest anti-inflammatories, as well as there are many other benefits for nervous system and immune system.

  • You can start by switching cold and hot, or after a hot shower finish with ice as long as you can. But it's really all in the mind. With constant inhalation and exhalation manage the frost.

7. Gratitude (5')

Last but not most important is Gratitude. It's time to say a big thank you for everything you have, from the seemingly smallest to the biggest for you. In this process, so many hormones are secreted, such as when you receive a gift, whether you are exercising or cuddling for a long time. You also realize that you have what you need and that you are complete. Obviously we always want more, and that's not bad at all. But you also have to remember where you come from, where you've come from and what you've already done!!!

  • On a piece of paper, a notebook, a diary, where it's convenient for you to take your notes. Write at least three or five reasons why you're grateful this morning as thoroughly as you feel. Don't hesitate to write a whole page if you need it, there's no right and wrong as long as you're there with all your being and believe what you think and write. And let alone the days we go through, Gratitude for those we have is one of the most important!!!

Mine starts like this. "I am grateful for the Gift to wake up today and live this beautiful day and learn, love, expand, create, try, dream, live the Now." Etc… That it really fills you up.

Do it, you'll remember me…

The above ritual will take you a long time (50'-60'). An hour dedicated to yourself. Spend the necessary time on yourself so that you can be well both physically and mentally, so that you can then help your loved ones with clarity and energy and carry out any tasks you have every day.

Take Zoe into your own hands. I don't know. Develop new habits that will lead you to your goal! I'm here to help you if you feel the need.

In my future articles, other topics will be raised and effective tips will be given for better levels of health and well-being through our habits. EvZin is a daily process, so it requires daily habits. "I control habits – I control my life." You can do your own research and in the future enrich and customize the routine to your own needs. I'm at your disposal for any questions and clarifications. Good follow-up, we go hard and for any questions and analysis I'm at your disposal.

Oh, and I'm waiting for Feedback, don't forg

et!!! All of the above are a personal opinion, after personal research and experience. Everyone is responsible for their body, their time and they are responsible for their actions. It's nobody's fault but us. The above is based on research, however in no way is it a directive of a particular doctor for treatment.

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