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When I was old enough, my father told me something I'll never forget: "The moment you were born, son, you cried while everyone around you celebrated. Live your life in such a way that the moment you die you rejoice as if it were a celebration, while everyone else around you weeps." In the times we live in, we've forgotten what the true meaning of life is. We can easily send a man to the Moon, and yet we find it difficult to cross the street to welcome our new neighbor. We can launch a missile from where we are to the other side of the world with absolute precision, yet we find it difficult to keep the promise we make to our children that one particular afternoon we will take them to the library. We have emails, faxes and digital phones, so we always stay connected to each other, and yet never before have people been less connected. We've lost touch with humanity itself. We have lost touch with the purpose of our lives. We can no longer see things that are important to us. Who's going to cry when you die? How many souls will you be able to touch as long as you have the privilege of walking on this Earth? What effect will your life have on the generations to come? And what legacy will you leave behind after your stern breath? One of the lessons I learned in my life is that if you don't take your own life into your own hands, then your own life will take you down. Life has this habit. The days slip away and become weeks, the weeks slip away and become months and the months become years. Very soon, everything is past and you have only one heart flooded with bitterness for the life you lived half. Shortly before he died, George Bernard Shaw was asked, "What would you do if you could live your life all over again?"

Although the people I meet as a professional speaker are from different walks of life, their questions are always related to the same things: "How can I discover a deeper meaning in my life? How can I contribute to the common good through my work? How can I simplify everything so that I can enjoy the journey of life while it is still time?

My answer always begins in the same way: "Discover your personal calling." I believe that each of us has some special talents who are just waiting to serve a higher mission. We are all here for a unique purpose, a noble goal that will allow us to express our superior human resources and at the same time make the lives of the people around us more beautiful and rich. When you discover your personal calling, it doesn't mean he has to leave your job. It just means you have to incorporate more elements of yourself into your work and focus on what you do best. It means you don't have to wait for others to make the changes you want. It means that you must, as Mahatma Gandhi aptly observed, "be yourself the change you most desire to see your world." And by the time you make it, your life will have changed.

Excerpt from the book "Who Will Cry When You Die" -Robin Sharma-

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